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INNCOM by Honeywell Contact: Joanne Gray
Client Ambassador

INNCOM® by Honeywell develops and markets advanced, software-based integrated room automation systems for the global lodging industry. Our systems have been installed in more than 1,000,000 hotel rooms worldwide. INNCOM has the broadest range of intelligent devices and applications which are engineered to provide integrated solutions energy management, on-line electronic lock control, guest TV and device interfaces and operating enhancements for engineering, housekeeping, security, minibar restocking and other hotel staff groups.

Linking all guestrooms with INNCOM’s INNcontrol™ 3 Central Monitoring and Control Software System provides more powerful energy management and many additional capabilities including:

  • Enhanced energy savings based on room rental status
  • Tracking guest service requests
  • Remote room occupancy indication
  • Remote HVAC control
  • Guestroom HVAC diagnostics
  • Peak demand load shedding
  • PMS/BMS interface
  • Automatic lighting control

Energy Efficiency

Green is not just a buzzword; it is a social responsibility that can benefit you, your guests, and the environment. INNCOM energy management solutions offer financially significant energy savings and an enhanced guest experience while reducing your property’s carbon footprint. Energy is also typically, the lodging industry’s second-greatest operating cost, with the biggest energy hogs being heating, cooling and lighting. INNCOM energy management solutions range from low-cost, standalone products to advanced, centrally-controlled systems that can involve lighting and drape controls, as well as situation alerts and property data collecting and reporting.

Green Intelligent Building

INNCOM develops energy management systems (EMS) for energy savings and increased guest comfort. Systems range from low-cost standalone products, including the e4 Smart Digital Thermostat, to advanced, centrally-controlled systems.

INNCOM also offers the award-winning, patented ecoMODE® option. With ecoMODE®, guests simply press the Green Button on the e4 Smart Digital Thermostat or other INNCOM Integrated Room Automation System (IRAS) device to instantly trigger an energy-conservation mode and opt into the hotel’s sustainability program.

We’re more than products. We’re expertise.

INNCOM has been finding ways to make rooms “smarter” for more than two decades. So we’ve developed quite an extensive knowledge base over the years. Our Professional Services let you tap into that expertise, whether you need consulting, training or support.


INNCOM offers a variety of engineering services to assist our clients in planning their Room automation projects. These services include reviewing requirements, proposing system options that best meet your project goals, and assisting your architects and designers with device compatibility and design optimization.

We are firm believers in the collaborative process. We encourage you to contact us early in the design phase to make the most of our more than 20 years of experience in combining established best practices with cutting-edge innovation.


INNCOM understands that there may be requirements where our systems need to be integrated with those of third-party providers in a “best-of-breed” system configuration. Consequently, we offer system integration services using a variety of solutions ranging from industry standards to custom interfaces.


A well-designed system deserves professional installation. INNCOM offers turnkey installation service, as well as an “a la carte” offering of installation training, supervision or project management.* We can even train your own technical staff or preferred sub-contractors on how to install the INNCOM system to factory standards. (* These services are available directly from INNCOM or through our Authorized Systems Integrators worldwide.)


Our team of training specialists is available to address the full spectrum of orientation and training needs, from pre-installation through life cycle and refresher courses. Because each property is unique, we are keen to provide you with the most comprehensive, training for your system. To best meet your education and budget requirements, we offer: Electronic tutorials, live, online training, formal classroom instruction, on-site training, including personalized, advanced product training. We are dedicated to supporting and empowering those involved in every stage and level of product performance. Therefore, training is customized to address the various audiences and their responsibilities whether they are system installers, system operators or system administrators and hotel managers.


INNCOM offers different levels of system support to accommodate different customer requirements. These can range from comprehensive support agreements, which include extended warranty, software upgrades and periodic site visits, as well as 24/7 telephone and online technical support.

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