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ASFONA is today acknowledged as having provided over many years a highly effective line of communication between Starwood Hotels & Resorts and its franchisees, owners and hotel management companies doing business in North America.

Since its restructure in 2006, ASFONA provided Starwood the unique opportunity to seek the counsel and opinion of the franchise and ownership community on policy and standard operating procedures that truly influenced the owners’ businesses and the cost of doing business.

During this time ASFONA’s Board of Directors provided the leadership required in building strong working relationships between Starwood Hotels & Resorts and its franchisees and owners.

An IMPORTANT "ASFONA" ACCOMPLISHMENT being to provide all Ownership & Management groups a communications conduit through which both ASFONA and Starwood's management were able to work together, on one solid platform, in building some of the best and most successful brands in the hotel industry.

Since the acquisition of Starwood Hotels & Resorts by Marriott International, ASFONA's primary goal has been to ensure that during the integration of Starwood's Brands with Marriott's Brands that the Starwood Legacy brands would continue to be positioned as leaders in the industry and that that they deliver the highest possible customer satisfaction levels.

The work of the ASFONA Board in providing input and counsel to Marriott on the integration of Starwood's Legacy brands was, over the two year period 2017 to the end of 2018, highly satisfactorily executed and is without doubt A MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT to the credit of the ASFONA Board of Directors.

ASFONA's important input role to Marriott will transition through a new communications conduit and this will be carried out in conjunction with the ongoing evolution of ASFONA's "Diversification Strategy" which going forward will include ASFONA's "informal" interaction with other major International Hotel companies.

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