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ASFONA Board Meeting
November 03, 2015, Minneapolis

A meeting of the ASFONA Board of Directors and the ASFONA Associate Members was held at the Sheraton Hotel Bloomington, Minneapolis on November 3rd 2015. Starwood Senior Leadership team joined the meeting led by Serge Rivera, President The Americas, Bob Hermany, Chief of North Americas Operations, John Peyton, Senior Vice President Global Brand Management ALL Brands & Dave Marr, Senior Vice President, Global Brand Management - Sheraton & Tribute & Colleen Keating, Senior Vice President - Franchise Operation.

Tuesday, November 3rd - 2015
8.30 AM - 12.15 PM
Sheraton Hotel – Bloomington – Minneapolis


8.30 AM

In Attendance:

John Shingler - Chairman:- Hung Luk – Paul Wischermann – Jay Mahan – Gerry Chase – Maxine Taylor – Greg Miller – Mark Sharkey – Jim Dina - Dave Johnson - Suhas Naik – Howard Zetley – John Belden

Minutes Overview of Last Meeting:

The Minutes “Overview” of the last meeting were distributed & Approved – Gerry Chase – Jay Mahan.

Membership & Treasurer Report:

Budget & Financials - Membership Year - July 1st 2014 to June 30th 2015 & Budget for 2016: Report given by John Shingler and approved by the Board.

Associate Members: Report given by John Shingler.

ASFONA President & Starwood Annual Executive Management Meetings & “SPG Audit”

ASFONA Presidents Starwood Corporate Headquarters week long visit undertaken by John Shingler - JULY 2015 - Report by John Shingler.

Today’s Meeting Agenda:

Attendee List for Distribution

Overview of Todays Agenda


1/ ASFONA & STARWOOD “AREAS OF FOCUS” Designated Board Members – 2015

Sales & & Revenue Management: John Shingler / Gerry Chase / Greg Miller / Jim Dina

Brand Management – Full Service: John Shingler / Paul Wischermann / John Belden

Brand Management – Specialty Select: John Shingler / Hung Luk / Suhas Naik

Franchise Operations: John Shingler / Paul Wischermann / Jay Mahan / Greg Miller

Information Technology: John Shingler / Hung Luk / Jim Dina / Gerry Chase / Maxine Taylor

Supply Chain: John Shingler / Hung Luk / Gerry Chase / Jim Dina

Business Systems Results: John Shingler /Paul Wischermann / John Belden / Maxine Taylor

2/ General Discussion:

Sheraton Brand / Brand Standards / ISAC / Starwood Management Changes:

10.00 AM - Meeting Joined By: John Peyton, Dave Marr, Colleen Keating & Eve Dreher.

New Organization Structure & Franchise Operations Updates

Discussion on Global Brand Management – Introduction of Tribute and the Global Sheraton 2020 Plan - Impact on Hotels & Guests


12.30 PM - Conclusion of Board Meeting

12.30 PM - Welcome Lunch – ASFONA Board welcomed Associate Members

1.30 PM - Group Meeting Commenced with Associate Members and Starwood Executives

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