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ASFONA is a Hotel Industry Association of Franchisees & Owners originally formed to interface with Starwood Hotels & Resorts on behalf their constituents doing business with Starwood's brands in North America.

Following the acquisition of Starwood by Marriott International, ASFONA's primary mandate became to interact with Marriott during the joining together of the two companies. Under the terms of an Engagement Agreement ASFONA would during and following Board Meetings, continue to provide input to Marriott to assist in ensuring the successful integration of Starwood's "Legacy Brands" into the Marriott organization.

During this period of integration, ASFONA has been at the same time transitioning to become an independent, non-brand affiliated Hotel Owner/Operator Association. The ASFONA Board of Directors themselves representing numerous Independent and major International hotel company brands comprising approximately 1,120 Hotels that they manage or have in ownership.

The most recent Board Meeting was held at The "W" Hotel South Beach, Miami, Florida on June 6th - 2019. The Meeting was in two separate sessions:

!/ Owners only Board of Directors Meeting - focused on the ASFONA / Marriott communications conduit requirements to follow the highly satisfactorily execution of of the Integration Agreement.

2/ The "Open General Session" with Associate Members & other Hotel Industry Guests including Smith Travel Research and Senior Hotel Industry Executives.

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ASFONA Board Meeting

A meeting of the ASFONA Board of Directors and ASFONA Associate Members was held at The "W" Hotel South Beach, Miami, Florida on Thursday, June 6th 2019.

The counsel and input commitment of the ASFONA Board to Marriott for the Starwood Legacy Brands has been highly satisfactorily executed. This has been carried out by the Board who at the same time have ensured that during this period the obligations to ASFONA's own membership were also met and will continue to be met going forward.

To be Incorporated in the ASFONA Mission from 2019 onward is the implementation of a more informal communications conduit to provide Marriott with pertinent business issues relating to the business.

At the meeting John Shingler, ASFONA President re stated the official implementation of ASFONA's “Diversification Strategy” which is its evolution and transitioning into an Independent, non brand affiliated hotel industry Association.

Now, Included in the ASFONA annual program will be the continuation of extending an invitation from the ASFONA Board of Directors to other International Hotel Companies to join a designated ASFONA meeting to interact with the ASFONA group during both the “Owners Board Meeting” and then also the “General Session” of the meeting. The goal being the establishment of a "unique" communications conduit designed to engage, align and strengthen relationships and joint expertise between selected hotel brands and ASFONA's key executive representatives of the owner operator community.

The start of ASFONA’s “Diversification Strategy” at the Spring 2018 Meeting in Washington D.C. provided the opportunity for Raul Leal, President of VIRGIN Hotels and his Executive Team to attend. The Virgin Hotels Presentation on the brands growth plans was most impressive.

Then at the Fall 2018 Meeting in Philadelphia the ASFONA Owner Board members were, at the direction of Geoff Ballotti the CEO of Wyndham Hotels, joined by the Executive Management Team of Wyndham Hotels & Resorts. The meeting included a terrific presentation on WYNDHAM Hotels & Resorts Worldwide brands and their development opportunities.

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