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Areas of Focus 2015

A Meeting was held on January 15th in Atlanta between John Shingler and Lynne Dougherty to secure the feedback of Starwood Departmental Executives on the proposed "Areas of Focus" to be developed during 2015. The "Areas of Focus" subject headings were agreed and are to be signed off by the ASFONA Board of Directors at the ASFONA Board Meeting at the April 7th meeting at the Sheraton - Times Square - New York.

Starwood Hotels & Resorts
"Areas of Focus"

Strategic Intent of ASFONA / Starwood Focus Areas

To establish a dedicated process for ASFONA and Starwood to align, engage, and strengthen the relationship while sharing joint expertise thereby ultimately fueling success for all parties.

Key Goals of Focus Areas:

  1. To Develop an Effective Communication Process
  2. To Create a Work Stream Inclusion Plan
  3. Strengthen Awareness of ASFONA within Starwood
  4. Teams to work at Organic Pace
  5. Share in the Process for Mutual Success

The ASFONA Board Members and Starwood teams for each “Area of Focus” are as follows:

Franchise Operations:

ASFONA:  John Shingler, Paul Wischermann, Jay Mahan

Starwood: Lynne Dougherty, Mary Hynes-Talhouk, John McGovern, Richard Veilleux

Brand Management:

ASFONA: John Shingler, Paul Wischermann, John Belden, Suhas Naik

Starwood: Dave Marr, Brian McGuinness, Phil McAveety

Sales & Revenue Management:

ASFONA: John Shingler, Gerry Chase, Greg Miller, Jim Dina
Starwood: Mary Casey, Betty Wilson, Anupam Agarwal, Jonathan Caplan, Jill Nunes, Kathi Corbett.

Information Technology:

ASFONA: John Shingler, Hung Luk, Greg Miller

Starwood: Mark McBeth, Brennan Gildersleve, Dan Hogan

Business Systems Results:

ASFONA: John Shingler, John Belden, Gerry Chase, Paul Wischermann

Starwood: Bob Hermany, Brian McGuire


ASFONA:  John Shingler, Gerry Chase

Starwood: Tad Wampfler

The meeting schedule is to be agreed with the goal of all meetings to be completed by October 31st 2015.

ASFONA Members who require any further information either on the meeting schedule or meeting content should contact John Shingler directly.

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