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Board Focus Plan

At the ASFONA Board of Directors meeting at The St. Regis in Atlanta on January 7th 2010 the board agreed on the general subject headings for the areas of focus - "Board Initiatives" for 2010. A draft of the initiatives was discussed with Starwood Senior Management on February 2nd at a meeting in the Westin Diplomat in Florida.

The draft ASFONA 2010 board initiatives are as follows:

Franchise Operations (North America)

  • Operations Management Function/Responsibility
  • Communications
  • Owner Relations
  • Senior Management Access

Brand Management

  • Accountability - Measurement Criteria
  • Brand Performance - Measurement against Agreed Comp Set
  • Brand Cost - ROI to Investor vs Comp Set

Revenue Generation

  • Field Marketing
  • GSO
  • Brand Media - Objectives / Expenses

Information Technology

  • Galaxy/LightSpeed - Performance 
  • Internet / Broadband
  • Guest Room Technology Initiatives

Business Systems Review

  • Net Operating Profit
  • Benchmarking
  • Operating Expenses
  • Competitive Advantages

ASFONA Members who wish to receive further details on the ASFONA draft initiatives should contact John Shingler directly either by email or phone.

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