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An overview of the ASFONA Board of Directors meetings and conference calls: FIRST QUARTER - 2006.


January 10th / 11th / 12th 2006 - San Diego California


PRIMARY FOCUS - Informal meetings with numerous Starwood management team members relating to Brand Initiatives, Training, SPG Program, Design, Brand Prototypes.

January 11th - 2006 - San Diego - California

ASFONA Board Meeting:

PRIMARY FOCUS - ASFONA's mandate and direction. Proposed and agreed to:

  • Expand ASFONA's focus to ALL Starwood brands at the earliest opportunity but no later than April 2006.
  • Appoint a full time CEO to manage the business of ASFONA at the earliest opportunity – ideally before July 2006.
  • Appoint Hung Luk to the ASFONA Board.
  • Agree Agenda items and discussion points for the ASFONA Boards meeting with Steve Heyer, Geoff Ballotti and Lynne Dougherty scheduled for April. (see "News Updates" on this Web Site)
  • Agree on follow up action plan re the report on the ASFONA SPG Audit meeting in White Plains.
  • Determine the Board Members to be assigned to the Starwood brand Task Force teams.

Other Items on the Agenda:

  • Four Points by Sheraton - Signage Change costs.
  • Brand Standards - Direction
  • Galaxy - Lightspeed
  • Design - Process - Timing

February 9th - 2006

ASFONA Board Conference Call - All Members (One Hour)

PRIMARY FOCUS - ASFONA Board of Directors

After many years of service to ASFONA, Paul Leier advised the Board that he felt the time had come to elect a new President and that this was the time for him to formally submit his resignation. The Board was unanimous in expressing their appreciation to Paul for his work and commitment to ASFONA over the years.

Paul Leier proposed John Shingler as the new President of the Association. The proposal was accepted by John Shingler and seconded by Bruce Kinseth. The Board voted unanimously to appoint Shingler as President with immediate effect. Paul will continue his service to ASFONA as a member of the Board of Directors in the role of "Immediate Past President.

February 15th - 2006

ASFONA Board Conference Call - All Members (One Hour)

PRIMARY FOCUS - Determine Priority Discussion Points for the April meeting with Steve Heyer, Geoff Ballotti and Lynne Dougherty.

An extensive list of subjects to be discussed was developed. It was further agreed that John Shingler should email ASFONA Membership to solicit their input, thereby making absolutely sure that we were truly representative of the whole community (see STARWOOD & ASFONA meeting on the "News Update" page of this Web Site).

March 23rd - 2006

ASFONA Board Conference Call - All Members (One Hour)

PRIMARY FOCUS - The meeting Agenda with Starwood now scheduled for April 5th at the same time as the Starwood North Americas Advisory Council Meeting.

The merged data bases at this date now in effect and membership to be requested to provide input for the upcoming meetings.

March 29th - 2006

ASFONA Board Conference Call - All Members (One Hour)

PRIMARY FOCUS - Starwood Meeting Agenda.

The Board discussed at length the feedback received from a significant number of ASFONA Members as to the Agenda items they wished the ASFONA Board to address at the April 5th scheduled  Starwood meeting. (For final Agenda see "News Updates" on this Web Site.)


ASFONA Members who would like to receive more detailed information on any of the above discussion points should contact John Shingler at [email protected] or 619-756-2424.

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