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An overview of the ASFONA Board of Directors meetings and conference calls SECOND QUARTER - JUNE - 2006

Starwood North Americas Owners Advisory Council:

ASFONA Members Terms of Representation

Three Years: John Shingler & Hung Luk

Two Years: Abe Moses & Howard Zetley

JAS agreed with Lynne that if a representative wishes to change and the board then designates another board member for the duration of the period remaining, then this is perfectly acceptable.

Dates or Next ASFONA – Starwood Senior Management Meeting:

Week of October 23rd OR Week of November 6 (Both proposed by Lynne)

Week of October 19th During Starwood’s Partnership Summit

JAS has informed Lynne Dougherty that the week of the “Partnership Summit” starting October 19th is the preferred week followed by the week starting November 6th

Annual Membership FEES

The board felt that an increase to $575 was appropriate and it was agreed.

Initial Email with notification of ASFONA’S Expanded Membership Focus

The Board approved the draft update on ASFONA email from JAS to be sent to all ASFONA members and Starwood General Managers the following week. This would be the first communication of the expanded focus of ASFONA to include all Starwood brands and prepare the additional brands for the Annual Dues letter to be sent the following week.


The Board approved the draft letter from JAS and the Remittance of Dues form layout to be sent to all Starwood General Managers on June 5th

Associate Membership:

Honorary Board Members

The Board approved the inclusion of the category on the basis that inclusion will be by invitation only.

Associate Members will be Honorary Board Members and attend the afternoon of the first day of Board Meeting and also the later reception and dinner with the board and other invited guests.

A special section of the ASFONA website will be designated to Associate Member companies and the Honorary Board Member, namely the designated representative of the company will be prominently featured with other board members on the ASFONA website.

ASFONA Board of Directors:

Expanded Brand Representation

Diversity on the Board

It was agreed that the ASFONA board should be increased to eleven voting members. The subjects of diversity and representation of all constituents needs to be addressed in future board appointments.


Those ASFONA Members who require further or more specific information on any of the above subjects should contact John Shingler directly at [email protected] or 619-756-2424

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