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Due to the confidential nature of the business issues discussed by the ASFONA Board of Directors, the Board have agreed that for the remainder of 2006 and going forward we will not be posting this information on the ASFONA website.

Minutes of ASFONA Board Meetings

As the ASFONA owners association continues to grow and the work undertaken on behalf of owners with the management of Starwood continues to expand and develop, there is today subject matter openly discussed that is of a confidential nature. The frank and open discussions that nowdays exists between the franchisor and the franchisees and ownership group, representad by ASFONA are proprietry and confidential to the Brands and in many cases related to setting the brands apart from the competition.

Due to the confidential nature of these meetings, the minutes of the meetings will not be published on the ASFONA website. However, any ASFONA member who wishes to obtain any information on the meetings subject matter, including discussion points and conclusions, may contact John Shingler directly by email or phone.

ASFONA Members are also encouraged to frequently provide John Shingler with points or issues that they would like to be placed on the agenda at future meetings with Starwoods management.    

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