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KALISHER Contact: David Winton

209 East Main Street Carrboro, NC, 27510

We are the artists. This means we own the art and can customize it any way you like quickly and at no additional cost to you. Since there’s no middle man between you and the artists, we’re easy to work with, fast, efficient and affordable.

Led by renowned artists Jesse and Helen Kalisher, our creative team customizes art right here in our studio every day, responding with ease and flexibility to whatever direction and input you offer. At our best, we’re engaged in a creatively collaborative process that delivers the right art for your project each and every time. We can even provide location shoots for you at little through our President and world-renowned photographer (his work is in The Smithsonian and The Louvre among other notable places). Ultimately, because we’re the artists – be it abstract, three-dimensional art or photography – we won’t bring you the same round of art over and over again because that’s not who we are and that’s not how we work – our work is always created, never licensed.

Kalisher – Art is Love™

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