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Hunter Amenities

Hunter Amenities Contact: John Hunter

1205 Corporate Dr. Burlington, Ontario L7L 5V5 Canada

For over twenty-nine years, Hunter Amenities has pioneered a remarkable array of superior personal care products ranging from distinctive hotel amenities to luxurious spa and retail collections. Hunter is one of North Americas leading formulators and manufacturers. Offering a prominent selection of licensed internationally recognized designer, fragrance and cosmetic brands.

Driven by innovation and product excellence, everything Hunter does is original in concept, exceptional in formulation and outstanding in delivery. Each phase of its operation is designed to exceed expectations. Beginning with its in-depth consumer and market research, Hunter constantly strives to craft unequaled, of-the-moment collections worthy of the most discriminating clientele.

At the core of its success is its proven expertise in creating and producing truly unique formulations. Hunter’s constant dedication to quality across all collections means that all the soaps, shampoos, conditioners and creams developed are undoubtedly exceptional, carefully crafted and fully tested. As a result, many dedicated clients have come to rely on their knowledge and experience to create and produce personal care products that are unsurpassed in every way.

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